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These are sealed lead acid batteries

Many people often get confused when faced with making a decision regarding which battery should they go for while buying an inverter. As such, they are unable to even decide the inverter too, since usually people prefer buying an inverter and battery combo instead of buying them separately. An inverter could be an essential component of every household or residence since it plays an important role in providing uninterrupted power in case of an outage. Essentially, there are three main kinds of batteries one can purchase on the market:Lead Acid Battery: The most commonly used batteries, they are economical but require regular maintenance. They also need to be regularly topped up and get their electrolyte level checked.

Maintenance Free Battery: These are sealed lead acid batteries that require very low maintenance. There’s no need to top them off or check their electrolyte levels. Comparatively, these are costlier and have shorter lives. Tubular Battery: They are the most popular kind of inverter batteries. This is because they last for quite a long time, require very low levels of maintenance.A tubular battery is called tubular because of the fact that the chemical compounds used in it in the first place, are sealed using polyester tubes in them. Despite their price, they are a very good buy because of their multiple benefits.What are the Benefits and Advantages One Receives by using Tubular Inverter Batteries?The design of tubular batteries is such that the polyester tubes that have been used in them, reduces the amount of shedding and corrosion of the plate inside it. This ensures that anyone who buys tubular batteries online, gets a battery that lasts longer than others on the market.Polyester tubes used in tubular batteries are designed so as to ensure that they rest on the battery plate’s surface. This allows them to function properly at extreme temperatures without being harmed or its performance being affected in any way.This property of tubular batteries makes it last longer while being used to sustain the power requirements of a house or residential complex. In case the owner is facing long periods of power outages, they can rest assured that their tubular single battery inverter will last them long without failing.Tubular batteries, as compared to lead acid batteries, require very low levels of maintenance. Since they are extremely stable, one won’t have to check their electrolyte levels and as they require low amounts of water, the owner wouldn’t have to fill them up too from time to time.Heavy-duty power households like those which require strong, uninterrupted electricity will benefit in particular by buying these batteries online. Because of how it can handle high-cyclic equipment, they are quite efficient and stable for the job.Another important advantage using tubular batteries is that they charge faster and better instead of the other two types of batteries. Their structure allows this fast charging of the batteries and how they get stored quickly and efficiently in the tube’s compound.Manufacturers of Tubular Batteries use a casting method called ‘HADI’.

This makes the battery durable and even more long-lasting. This goes for even those scenarios when a tubular battery inverter is being used heavily and quite extensively.People who buy a tubular single battery inverter online from brands like Luminous, etc can expect those to last anywhere from 5 to 8 year without giving any serious problems. This is quite good for serious owners who don’t want to compromise quality or quantity.Tubular batteries are adjusted so as that it can adapt to any environment or place that it is used in. In other words, it can cater to the needs of those living in 2BHK apartments to those living in bungalows or penthouses too. Using a tubular inverter and battery combo is especially a boon for being able to power high-cyclic devices even in inoperable conditions and settings.It is benefits and advantages like these that make those who buy tubular batteries, not get affected by the relatively higher inverter battery cost. The polyester satin Manufacturers price-to-performance ratio of these batteries is immensely positive and therefore, justified for reasons such as these given above.

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